Subseries I: Chuck Olin Associates 16mm Films

Series II: Subseries I is comprised of 16mm film prints made by Chuck Olin Associates. This subseries includes sponsored films, educational films made for Encyclopedia Britannica, and documentary films originated by Olin. The sponsored films in this series include Box of Treasures, The Gift: Four Seasons Mosaic by Marc Chagall, andA Palette of Glass: The America Windows of Marc Chagall.The four educational films Olin made for Encyclopedia Britannica in this collection are only a small subset of the over 17 films he made for the company. This subseries also includes two documentaries made by Olin without any sponsorship: Jack’s Run: The Story of a First Time Marathoner and the feature length documentary In Our Own Hands: The Hidden Story of the Jewish Brigade in World War II.
Subseries Identifier