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Babbit Reserve Mining Blast

One continuos take of a mining blast in a field from afar.
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One continuos take of a mining blast in a field from afar.
War Film

Footage of a combat zone, the landscape barren and repeatedly torn apart by explosions. Includes various army vehicles in action, with tanks and fi...
Rock Sox Disco Sux

Super 8mm film documenting "Disco Demolition Night," which took place after game one of a July 12, 1979 doubleheader between the Chicago White Sox ...
Fireworks Test

"Fireworks Test" appears to contain test footage for a variety of different goals in mind for JoAnn Elam. The first half matches the form and conte...
Celebrated Royal Fireworks (Original)

This film celebrates the frenzy of light and color found amid exploding fireworks and the speeding headlights of cars on a nighttime road. In the f...
Refinery Fire

Unedited news footage of a massive fire blazing at the Standard Oil refinery at Whiting, Indiana in late August 1955.
Operation Redwing 1956

This footage shows preparation for and the execution of Operation Redwing in 1956.
A-Bomb Blast Pacific = 2 - Synd.

Silent newsreel footage of an atomic blast or blasts detonated as part of Operation Redwing in 1956.
Helene Curtis Plant Explosion 10/18/61 Chicago, Illinois

Aftermath of the U.S. Reduction Co. furnace explosion in East Chicago, Indiana.

Explosion Rocks Industrial Plant

The aftermath of an October 18, 1961 explosion at the Helene Curtis Industries Plant at 4401 North Ave. Chicago,...

Refinery Fire

This film documents a fire at the Standard Oil refinery in Whiting, Indiana between January 29-30, 1957.<...