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Mayoral Campaign, 1987 (secondary)

Various outtakes documenting the energetic 1987 mayoral campaign. The footage captures the highly publicized candidature of Harold Washington, Jane...
Mayoral Election, 1983

Footage depicting Harold Washington on the campaign trail in 1983, ahead of the runup to the mayoral election. The film shows him being welcomed by...
1987 Washington

The footage features different segments offering a look into Chicago's 1987 mayoral election, featuring Harold Washington on the campaign trail, an...
Mayoral Campaign, 1983

Second of four reels adding up to the film Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power. 
Observational documentary following the 1983 Chicago Mayora...
Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power Part II

Third of four reels that were compiled in the video "Chicago Politics: A Theater of Power." Observational documentary following the 1987 Chicago Ma...

Frank Koza interviews infamous burlesque dancer Jada in front of a rowdy group of Mardi Gras celebrators in New Orleans.
Frank is Football

Humorous outtake and blooper footage that features WLS-TV Chicago reporter Frank Mathie as he attempts to kick f...

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