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A silent home movie that shows an elderly woman as she enters and rides in a Rolls-Royce to a house. She then proceeds to pose performatively in va...

A silent home movie featuring children playing with their Christmas toys, a child’s third birthday party celebration, and families interacting outd...
1930 (ca): Mary As A Baby, Travels in the Southwest

Silent home movies that feature the Finnegans’ travels, in possibly the Southwest of the United States. 
[1929, '30, '36: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister A]

Three separate Heidkamp home movies, from 1929, 1930, and 1936, each shot in Chicago.
[1929 Aug, 1950 Jun: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister B]

Two separate Heidkamp home movies, one of Niagara Falls from June 1950 and one of downtown Chicago from August 1929.
[Heidkamp Home Movie Canister C - 1929, '51]

Two separate Heidkamp home movies, one from 1929 and one from 1951, both shot in the Chicago area.
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A film shot underwater that documents a series of baited fishing hooks which attract the presence of a bass and several sunfish.
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W.C. Fields as Larson E. Whipsnade, showman extraordinaire, devoting all his talents to keeping his debt-ridden circus a step ahead of the law. An ...

Silent home movie featuring the Finnegans’ travels in Yellowstone National Park and a whaling station in northern California.
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