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[1926 circa: Ott Family Home Movie]

A home movie shot by John Ott of Winnetka, Illinois.
See Yourself As Others See You

Short, silent advertisement for the QRS Company's combination camera and projector. The Chicago-based company sold the 16mm equipment for $98.50, u...
[1924 circa: Chicago]

Amateur footage of Chicago shot circa 1924.
[1925 circa: Parade in Port Washington, Wisconsin]

Amateur film documenting a parade in Port Washington, Wisconsin, shot circa 1925.
[1928 circa: Chicago]

Footage of Chicago shot in 1928.
[Heidkamp Home Movie Canister C - 1929, '51]

Two separate Heidkamp home movies, one from 1929 and one from 1951, both shot in the Chicago area.
[1929 Aug, 1950 Jun: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister B]

Two separate Heidkamp home movies, one of Niagara Falls from June 1950 and one of downtown Chicago from August 1929.
[1929, '30, '36: Heidkamp Home Movie Canister A]

Three separate Heidkamp home movies, from 1929, 1930, and 1936, each shot in Chicago.
[1926 Institute of American Meat Packers Convention]

Edited footage highlighting the attendees of the 1926 Institute of American Meat Packers Convention.
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Set in Paris, 1895, the plot concerns the frantic search for a duplicate of an Italian straw hat eaten by a horse. The hat is needed to prevent a h...
Quaker Oats Company "From Factory to Dairy"

Quaker Oats corporate film that looks at the use of Quaker Oats feed in the dairy industry.
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In a small town, a cowardly young man (played by Harold Lloyd) becomes courageous, and captures a bandit, after his grandmother gives him an umbrel...
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Silent slapstick comedy starring Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, and Wallace Howe. After numerous failed attempts to commit suicide, our hero (Lloyd)...
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Silent B&W comedy set to musical score starring Harold Lloyd and Mildred Davis. An American book salesman (Lloyd) is persuaded to go to the kingdo...
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