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I Never Promised You a Rose Garden

A comedy made for Greenview Lawn Products Sales Staff.

Down home country boys Ned and Jed/Fred (Dick Kreusser and Jay Soule) discuss f...
The Condition of Man

Chicago Sun-Times commercial in the style of an Spaghetti Western.
Indiana Bell "New Father"

An advertisement for Indiana Bell Telephone Company, featuring imagery of a young father looking at his new baby with audio of a telephone call bet...
American Fletcher National Bank "Master Charge"

An advertisement for American Fletcher National Bank's Master Charge cards.
Yellow Pages "World War II Landing Craft"

A YELLOW PAGES amphibious craft roaming Lake Michigan carries sales reps to Evansville, Indiana.
American Fletcher National Bank "24 Hour Banking Machine"

Advertisement for Indianapolis-based American Fletcher National Bank, demonstrating the convenience of their "24-hour banking machines."