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What Is It?

"An experimental exercise with extension tubes, picturing textures in extreme closeup. Such materials as salt, bread, leaves, nylon hose, coffee gr...
Bad Boy

Chuck Kleinhans performs a tongue-in-cheek "bad boy" persona.
[Refrigerator with Turkey]

Brief footage of a refrigerator's contents.
[1926 circa: Ott Family Home Movie]

A home movie shot by John Ott of Winnetka, Illinois.
See Yourself As Others See You

Short, silent advertisement for the QRS Company's combination camera and projector. The Chicago-based company sold the 16mm equipment for $98.50, u...
Julia - Urbana - Apt. - Light Pattern - Leg/feet

Experimental short featuring light and shadow patterns around an apartment and on filmmaker Chuck Kleinhans' legs and feet. It was likely made whil...
Michi & Catnip

A cat (Michi) sunbathes and eats catnip.

A home movie reel consisting of four parts spliced together, one in color and the following in black and white. In the first, color segment, a Rock...
1930 (ca): Mary As A Baby, Travels in the Southwest

Silent home movies that feature the Finnegans’ travels, in possibly the Southwest of the United States. 
1941 circa: [Skeeter Slumber Party - Pony Rides]

Silent home movies that feature four sisters performatively posing, playing outside and enjoying carnival rides together, sometimes including their...

A silent home movie featuring children playing with their Christmas toys, a child’s third birthday party celebration, and families interacting outd...

A silent home movie that shows an elderly woman as she enters and rides in a Rolls-Royce to a house. She then proceeds to pose performatively in va...
Canary Islands 1

A travelogue film that portrays the lively culture of the Canary Islands; specifically, the island of Tenerife. The footage also captures the dry, ...
Lift, The

A fickle (or is it haunted?!) elevator disrupts a man’s daily routine, ending tragically in a stairwell. Written & Directed by Chicago-born Robert ...
Thumbnail missing

An animated film about a man who gets caught up in his imagination while reading a book. His reveries are interrupted by his wife who continually e...
Slow Drying

A short comedic film about a man who buys slow drying paint at Zeek's Ace Hardware and accidentally paints himself into a corner.

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